Hair and nail growth supplement

With Capi'UP, your hair will be full of vitality

How does it work?

Made in France from active main ingredients, the nutricosmetic Capi’UP capsules strengthen hair from the inside out by acting on the main causes of capillary disruption and hair loss.

The exclusive formula of Capi’UP’s food supplement offers a complete response by acting on the beauty and regrowth of hair and nails.

Capi’UP primarily contains cystine and methionine, which are two amino acids that are essential to the synthesis of keratin in order to cover up potential loss.

Capi'UP strengthens hair

Capi'UP contains the following vitamins essential in hair development:

Vitamin B8 (Biotin)

Its effectiveness has been proven to stimulate hair follicle activity and regulate sebum production.

Vitamin B5

Promotes skin renewal. Easily absorbed by hair, it penetrates even when hair is dry and damaged. Vitamin B5 hydrates and protects hair from damages caused by the environment.

Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine)

Intervenes with methionine and cystine metabolism. A deficiency in vitamin B6 results in a significant decrease of cystine in the skin and the keratogenous zone of hair.

Vitamin B1, B2 and B3

Helps to fight against the states of fatigue responsible for dull and fragile hair.


The Capi’UP hair supplement also contains acerola extract. This vitamin C rich plant strengthens fragile hair.

Walnut Oil

Capi’UP is also rich in walnut oil, which is well known for its beneficial effects on hair.

Capi’UP is an all-in-one supplement that will satisfy those who wish to once again have full and healthy hair.

Increase the health of your hair permanently

How do you use Capi'UP?

Whatever the initial element is, the problem of hair loss is always the result of an imbalance in the growth cycle of the hair all the way to its roots. This imbalance eventually leads to hair cells being completely depleted.

DON’T’ let the hair loss settle in without reacting.

Thanks to a balanced supplement and the appropriate external treatments, we’re creating the base requirements for fighting against hair loss.

By adding Capi’UP’s supplement, we’re giving hair to all those who wish to regain their vitality and energy.
Treatments for diffuse alopecia must be monitored for a minimum of three months, which corresponds with the average period of time for hair to grow.

How much should I take?

For severe and rapid hair loss

Take two capsules per day at breakfast.

For hair maintenance

Take one capsule per day at breakfast.

A good treatment plan followed with the Capi’UP supplement is a guarantee for a regenerated scalp and nails, sebum regulation and an optimal supply of nutrients to hair cells.
All the necessary steps for regaining lively, thick hair for a long time.
Are you looking for more interested in more information on Capi’Up supplements and its benefits?
Check out the presentation below featuring Capi’UP and its treatment method

Presentation Capi'UP

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